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The power of the pack

I often use the "power of the pack" as Cesar Millan likes to say, to help rehabilitate a dog.

The latest case was Gracie, a beautiful German Shorthair mix with extremely high energy and a bit of insecurity. Gracie would literally play all day if someone could keep up with her and really had no idea how to relax. It was fascinating to watch my dogs teach her how to chill out. Hunter would play with her and then snap at her when he was done playing. She would try to engage Scooter who would send the same message.

They also taught her dog etiquette. Gracie was so excited to be around other dogs that she would rush up to their face and her excited energy would elicit a snap from the other dog. She now knows how to approach other dogs calmly and respectfully.

I used various tools to overcome fear and teach her confidence. I introduced her to the treadmill, a ramp, and then utilized the horses. Gracie was pretty intimidated by the horses, but by the end of her short stay I was able to lead her and the horse at the same time.

Gracie after her treadmill session and playing with Hunter

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