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that are supposed to work were useless.  He pulled so hard on the leash he wasn't vertical, had no recall, barked incessantly, was a fear biter, etc. He challenged me beyond anything I had ever experienced. He drove me to discover the cause of his misbehavior in order to modify the unwanted behavior, rather than trying to address symptoms. 

In my opinion, energy is everything and I employ "dog whisperer" methods in my training. I instruct my animals primarily using energy, sound, and if necessary, touch with my hand. I use the mildest tool the dog will respond to. I prefer positive reinforcement; however, my personal experience has been not every dog will respond to only positive reinforcement. There were not enough treats to convince my Basenji mix dog, Hunter, to come back when called.

I continue to work with and learn from dogs. In addition, I continue furthering my education through reading, watching videos, attending classes, etc. Here is a list of some of the materials I have studied: Through a Dog's Eyes, How to Speak Dog, How to Raise the Perfect Dog, Be the Pack Leader, Jelly Bean versus Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, How Dogs Learn, The Secret Language of Dogs, Cesar Millan's Lessons From the Pack, Canine Behavior A Photo Illustrated Handbook, and Essentials of Dog Behavior Socialization. This list does not include the many videos I have also viewed.

Please click on the phone number or email below if you would like information regarding dog training. 

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My rescued Beauceron, Gunner.
My rescued Doberman/Basenji mix, Hunter.
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