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(behavior modification training)

Please click on the phone number or email below if you would like information regarding dog training. 

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Dude out for a run

Linda Nazemian - Facebook

March 12, 2018

I want to take this opportunity to recommend Debbie Tayler and her business, Dog Behavioral Solutions LLC. Debbie came to my home, where the problem occurred and with one short lesson my little girl got it. Problem solved not just that day but permanently. I have joyfully referred her to three friends and several neighbors.

Karen Steele Vineis - Facebook

March 12, 2018

I started working with Debbie a few weeks ago to help me with my rescued pack. Two Pitties and a bulldog. As you can imagine we would have some very prickly moments with this group especially the female pittie Roxy who decided she was the boss of all. Debbie helped me immedietly show Roxy that she was not the boss but I was. Since I started working with Debbie we have had no aggression and all the dogs are listening really well. I also have one of the pits, Buster that is very nervous and anxious about everything and he was really hard to walk because of his fears. Debbie worked with me to help Buster gain confidence and we found a great halter for him that made it very easy to walk him and for him to feel confident. I could not recommend Debbie more. She has a great way with the dogs and can show you how to get your dogs to look to you for guidance and create a situation where you can manage easily any situation. Our goal is to have all three on loose lead walking with no pulling or problems and I am confident we will get there soon.

Cameron Ferruolo - Facebook

March 13, 2018

One of the best trainers in Reno! Both of my dogs have learned so much! My dogs listen to me so much more now! AFFORDABLE! EFFICIENT! A must have experience if you want to gain a better relationships with your pup! Highly recommend! Can't wait for our next classes!☺ I now feel way more confident in training my pups new skills! Thanks again Debbie for all you have help me accomplish.

Kelsey Hilderbran - Facebook

March 14, 2018

It’s amazing to see what a little help can do from an amazing trainer. Walks have become something we both look forward to!

Annette Wolfe - Facebook

March 16, 2018

I've worked with Debbie a handful of times. I have a husky, possibly pit, shepard, lab?? Mix. She's a mutt with a ton of energy. We got her a treadmil, which has helped to release some of the energy. Debbie also introduced me to different tools to use for our walks, because my ball of energy is a puller. We are now working on recall and she is improving Everytime! Most importantly, Debbie has helped me to realize the confidence I needed working with my pup. She has been a great guide and a huge help. :)


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