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Jenny (horse) and Hunter. Jenny kicked Hunter awhie back and I am helping him overcome his fear.
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I'm an avid animal lover. I have literally been around and have had animals all of my life.  I remember training my two dogs to sit on a step stool together at the age of 6. When one of my dogs didn't come home, I somehow knew to take the other dog with me and have her show me where her sister was. Angie was a poodle mix and her hair had gotten tangled up in some barbed wire; she had become trapped.


It seems I was born with an instinct that allows me to understand what animals need from people and to understand what the animals are trying to communicate to people. Additionally, animals are drawn to me; it is my gift from God.


I got my first horse when I was 11 and trained her myself, eventually competing on her in gymkanas and rodeos. I have trained all of my horses myself and over the years have won five saddles.

I have spent the last ten years trimming horses' hooves professionally, and am able to trim several horses that used to have to be tranquilized for their pedicures. During that period of time, my animal communication skills have become even more honed as I learned to determine what a fearful horse needs, versus a spoiled horse, and to provide the direction and level of energy needed.


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