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Please click on the phone number or email below if you would like information regarding dog training. 

Thank you!

Hunter (dog) and Jenny.  Jenny kicked Hunter awhie ago and now he is afraid of her. I am working them together to help him overcome his fear.
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My animals have always been my best teachers, and have provided me with priceless training experience.

I have had dogs and horses for over 40 years and my learning curve really advanced around 2005 when I rescued two severely emaciated Beaucerons. Unfortunately, the young dog didn't make it and I quickly discovered the other dog had problems and was dog aggressive.  I spent quite a bit on veterinary bills until the veterinarian explained that I could stop the fights by implementing training and becoming a strong leader.  


I ended up adopting another dog around 2015 which I thought was another medium energy Beauceron.  He turned out to be a Doberman/Basenji mix.  He continues to be the highest energy dog I have ever encountered and also the most willful.  According to the book   The Intelligence of Dogs, the Basenji is listed as the second least trainable dog.  Hunter is not perfect yet, but he is at least 80% better.  Techniques 

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