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I adopted Hunter from a Colorado shelter when he was approximately 18 months old. They had him listed as a German Pinscher/Cattle Dog. I doubted he had any Cattle Dog in him, but thought he might be a medium energy, Beauceron puppy. On the trip home, I stopped so he could take a potty break and discovered he is some sort of hunting/sight hound. He never did go to the bathroom because he was so busy sniffing the ground! I have since discovered he is a Doberman/Basenji cross with the highest level energy I had every encountered. Yikes! The Intelligence of Dogs lists the Basenji as one of the two least trainable dogs. Hunter launched my journey of helping people with dogs that have dog problems and behavior issues, since he taught me strategies to help him transform into responding with obedience.

He had many behavioral habits I was not fond of. He pulled on the leash so hard he wasn't even vertical, he barked incessantly, had no recall, and would race through the house and lunge at the windows when he saw a rabbit outside. These are just a few of the issues I needed to deal with. He is also the smartest, most strong willed dog I have ever encountered. Although I am extremely clear and consistent with the household rules, he checks to see if the rules have changed daily.

I am happy to report he now has good recall, can walk on a loose leash, and rarely barks.


Although he easily runs several miles off leash every day, it is not nearly enough to expend his abundance of energy, so I purchased a treadmill to help mitigate his crazy high energy. He spends 20 - 30 minutes daily on the treadmill while I work out before beginning my day. 

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