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Insecurity leads to dysfunctional behavior

I am currently working with a great dane who is so insecure she is constantly leaning on or rubbing against her Owner for reassurance. Today when I "claimed" her Owner (by placing myself between the dog and her Owner), Sophie became upset enough that she threatened to bite me.

At this point, it is extremely difficult for her Owner to keep Sophie off of her or to send Sophie away from her. Sophie's Owner's homework for the next week is to keep Sophie from rubbing or leaning against her. I want her to keep Sophie at least 1-1/2' from her unless she specifically calls Sophie to her. I also want her to take every opportunity to make Sophie move and take the space Sophie is occupying. For example, if Sophie is laying on the floor or the couch, I want her Owner to make Sophie move and stand or sit where Sophie was. Sophie's Owner will have claimed the leadership position when she can claim Sophie's space and maker her move away from her. Performing these exercises will also help Sophie to overcome her insecurity.

I'm working with Sophie to help her overcome her insecurity which is causing aggression issues

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