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Energy is everything!

Updated: Nov 29, 2017

I recently had the opportunity to help an amazing couple with their two rescue pit bulls. One of the dogs was hesitant to come to them. I had them sit down with treats and had them ask the other pit bull to go into her kennel with the door open. I was using the kenneled dog to lure the shy dog to us. Although the kenneled dog was calm and relaxed, the shy dog continued to evade us by hiding in the kitchen, as he was sensing we wanted something from him. I needed to switch up the energy to encourage him to join us, so I asked the couple how they had met. Soon we were all laughing and the shy dog decided to join the party! Within 5 minutes of changing the energy, he came over and enjoyed some treats; even eating some kibble from his bowl placed at his Owner's feet. They report he is now being more interactive with them.

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