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Are you meeting your dog's needs?

Cesar Millan often says a well balanced dog is a result of exercise, discipline, and affection.

In my opinion, a lot of misbehavior is the result of not getting enough exercise. It is not reasonable (or fair) to expect a high energy dog to be able to be well behaved if it's exercise needs are not being met. The dogs will often develop naughty behavior. (I met a German Shepherd that delighted in dragging the smaller dog around the house by the dog's tail.)

In my own situation, I adopted a dog that is a Doberman/Basenji mix. Running 3 - 5 miles off leash twice a day is not enough to meet his needs, so I purchased a treadmill. Every morning while I workout, he does 20 - 30 minutes on the treadmill. The added exercise has gone a long way in curbing his barking, as well as keeping him from chasing the horses.

You can get really creative in meeting the dog's needs. You could use swimming, a skate board, a bicycle, a treadmill, etc. The key is, the high energy dogs needs to run; walking really isn't enough for them. The exercise needs to be something that can be done while their mind is calm. Playing ball is great, but the dog is in an excited state.

Your goal is always to be in a calm, assertive state, so your dog can be in a calm, submissive state.

Hunter requires 20 - 30 on the treadmill each day to meet his exercise needs.
Hunter, my Doberman/Basenji Mix

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