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Aggression is a Symptom

It is important to remember that aggression is a symptom of an underlying problem. There can be many different causes: unstable energy in the dog's environment, such as people that are stuck in grief due to the death of a loved one or a lot of yelling and screaming in the household, insecurity on the dog's part, or the dog feeling there is no leadership in the home, etc. Dog's desire leadership and if the dog perceives there is none, the dog will assume the role. A dog that is not an alpha will feel very uncomfortable in the situation and that can cause aggression problems. If the dog happens to be an alpha, the dog can become very dominant and aggressive.

An Owner must provide calm, assertive energy and leadership for the dog to be able to display calm, submissive energy. Dog's will not follow unstable energy.

I am currently working to help Sophie resolve some aggression issues.

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