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Jumping on people

Updated: Nov 29, 2017

My dog Hunter has a terrible time containing himself when I want to put a collar on him to go outside. He has extremely high energy and can go from calm submissive, to over the top excited, in a nanosecond. I will have him in a sit, but as soon as I reach for the collar by the door, he starts jumping on me, spinning, scratching at an itch, and biting his tail.

Fortunately, he is VERY food motivated. I now have a treat in my hand as I approach the door and the hanger where his collar is. I ask him to sit and let him smell the treat in my closed hand. He is very happy to comply and keeps his tail plastered to the floor (since he is focused on the treat) while I put his collar on. Once he gets his collar on, I give him the treat. I am able to accomplish my goal (having him sit quietly and not jump on me while I put his collar on) and he is also working for his food, which is an innate desire in dogs.

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