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Dog fights among pack members

Updated: Nov 29, 2017

A fairly common occurrence is dog fights among your own dogs. One of the reasons this occurs is a lack of leadership from the humans. The dogs' recognize the leadership position is vacant and then they try to fill the position.

In my own case, I had a Queensland Heeler (Dan) who had picked me to be HIS person, and then I rescued a Beauceron (Gunner) who decided she wanted top position. I spent over a thousand dollars in veterinary bills before I learned what was causing the issue and how to remedy it.

The human needs to occupy the role of the leader and it takes many baby steps to establish that position in the dog's eyes. Mastering the walk, where the dog is beside you and not in front of you, is one of the most important steps. Additionally, being able to claim your dog's space, establishes you as leader. Correcting bad behavior before it escalates is critical.

It is vital that you conduct yourself as a calm, assertive leader, not a bully. You have to give respect to get respect and it is gained through quiet, confidence.

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