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Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Having the correct tools makes all the difference in the world in trying to accomplish your goals.


For example, I am a huge fan of the Herm Sprenger Prong Collar. The reason I prefer the prong collar over a slip lead, flat collar, or choke collar is the dogs do not usually like to lean on the prong collar. The prongs are not sharp like I've experienced in other brands, and it is easy to fasten, unfasten, and add or delete links. Dogs tend to pull into the other collars and I am always concerned I might hurt an esophagus or choke the dogs.

Another favorite is the Dogs My Love halter dog head collar. Occasionally, I run across a dog that is more than happy to lean into the prong collar (to date it has been the happy-go-lucky Golden Retrievers, lol). I have found in a few instances, the Halti dog head collar fits better on some of the Pitbulls than the Dogs My Love brand. However, I prefer to use the

Dogs My Love halter dog collar if possible. The head collar is great for gaining maximum control of the dog and prevent the dog from pulling you along the trail. It is also helpful for an aggressive dog, since if the dog pulls, it tightens around their muzzle and prevents them from being able to bite.

I typically do not recommend a harness for walking your dog because it usually encourages pulling; however, there is always that exception. I have several Golden Retrievers that actually do better in a harness. I will utilize my Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Dog Harness and clip the leash to the D-ring in the front of the harness on the dog's chest. It is super convenient, especially if I've just unloaded the dog after transporting him, because I use a safety harness and seat belt during transportation. If you prefer a more padded harness, check out the Mighty Paw Padded Sports Dog Harness which can also be used in the vehicle as a safety harness.

One of my favorite picks for an e-collar is the Pet Trainer because of the cost and the ability to really crank up the vibration level. Many dogs will respond to the vibration, which I like to use in lieu of the shock feature whenever possible. The collar offers everything I am interested in: the ability to use the tone, vibration, or shock features. It even has an led light function, which I've used to get my key in the lock to unlock the door when it is dark. The e-collar is a great tool for teaching off leash recall or help tamper down an over exuberant dog's play behavior.


When I need to confine a dog to a smaller area or separate dogs, I usually prefer the tallest

Frisco Dog Exercise Pen with Step-Through Door or the MidWest Exercise Pen with Step-Thru Door. This is a lightweight metal pen that is easily moveable and folds flat for storage. The step-through door makes it super easy to let the dogs in and out and also for me to be able to place food and water bowls. You can easily join pens together to make a larger area if you prefer. The pens come with two door latches. I have had dogs manage to open the latches and get out, so I put snaps at the latches to prevent escapes. I do find it necessary to anchor them in place, as I am setting them up inside the house on a tile floor. I have a light weight rope that I tie to the bottom of the pen and also to a heavy piece of furniture. The only drawback I have discovered is if water gets underneath the metal panel, it will cause a rust mark on the floor if not cleaned up immediately.

If I have a dog that is determined to get out of the pen, I usually use an Advantek Pet Gazebo. It is an octagon metal pen made of heavier gauge powder coated wire with a canopy, so the dogs can't jump out. It is perfect for outdoors since it provides shade, but I use it indoors for the hard to restrain dogs.


I typically restrain the dogs I'm transporting with a Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Dog Harness and the Mighty Paw Dog Vehicle Safety Belt. On occasion, I will also use the harness while walking a dog to prevent pulling. In that case, I clip the leash to the D-ring on the front of the harness on the dog's chest. The harness is very well constructed with quality hardware. If you prefer a more padded harness, check out the Mighty Paw Padded Sports Dog Harness.

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